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Maytag Electric Ranges

All electric ranges on this page have a 10 year element warranty.

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Sargents Maytag offers electric ranges for sale and repair in Reno and Sparks. We have a variety of ranges with different features to fit any budget or lifestyle. Whether you are looking for basic cooking needs or enhanced features like temperature sensors, convection baking technology, and warming drawers, we have a full selection to choose from. We also offer expert repair services if your range has broken down. We are proud to provide top notch service and a satisfied customer experience since 1974. Visit our store or contact us today to find the range that's right for you! 

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Discover the Versatility and Efficiency of Electric Cooking with Sargents.

     Sargents in Sparks is your ultimate destination for all things electric cooking! We offer a comprehensive selection of electric ovens, electric ranges, and electric cooktops to suit your culinary style and budget. Electric appliances provide consistent heating, easy cleaning options, and a variety of features to enhance your cooking experience.

Here's how Sargents Appliance can help you explore the world of electric cooking:

  • Extensive Electric Appliance Selection: Browse our extensive selection of electric appliances, including electric ovens, electric ranges, and electric cooktops. We carry various configurations and functionalities to fit your kitchen layout and cooking preferences.
  • Reno's Electric Appliance Deals: Find unbeatable deals on electric appliances right here in Reno and Sparks. We offer frequent electric oven sales, electric range sales, and electric cooktop sales, allowing you to experience the benefits of electric cooking at a fantastic price. Look for promotions on electric cooking appliance sales near you throughout the year.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and help you find the perfect electric appliance for your kitchen. They can explain the difference between an electric oven and an electric range, advise you on electric cooktop deals in our area, and help you choose between an electric coil oven or a smoothtop oven.
  • Modern Features: Looking for an electric appliance with cutting-edge features? We carry a variety of options including electric ranges with air fryers for healthier cooking, electric ovens with self-cleaning capabilities for effortless maintenance, and electric induction cooktops for lightning-fast heating.
  • Trusted Brands: We carry all the leading electric appliance brands, including Maytag, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Amana electric cooking appliances.
  • Convenient Shopping Options: Easily buy your electric oven online and have it delivered to your home, or visit our showroom in Sparks to see our electric appliances in person.

Brands We Carry:

  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Kitchenaid
  • Amana

Upgrade your kitchen to electric cooking with Sargents Appliance! Stop by today and let us help you find the perfect electric appliance to inspire your culinary creations.


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