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We have a large selection of used washers, dryers and refrigerators. All items are checked, cleaned thoroughly and refurbished.

1 Year Warranty On All Product.
Unless marked otherwise. 

We Keep A Large Inventory Of Washers, Dryers and Refrigerators 
In Stock. 

Sargents knows a thing or 2 about appliances. We've spent 50 years honing our knowledge so we can offer you a great selection of rebuilt appliances that will last and not break the bank. There are several brands and designs to choose from, but me meticulously choose our inventory to help ensure we can get you an appliance that you'll love. Read below to see what we have to offer.

Refurbished Washing Machines.

We know quite a bit about washers. There are several units out there that are really great. Unfortunately, there's also a lot of washers that aren't so great. We hand pick our washing machines from 3 main different designs so we can offer you a great washer, without spending too much. We have old fashioned top load units, built by Whirlpool, called a direct drive that are built the old way. These units have no or very little electronics, no locking lid and are rebuildable when they get a little old. We also offer Maytag Neptune front load washers for the energy conscious shopper. If you want a large capacity, HE washer, we sell Maytag's and Whirlpools that are newer and offer a larger wash. 

Refurbished Clothes Dryers.

When it comes to dryers, there are so many models to choose from that it's hard to keep them straight. We traditionally rebuild a few different designs as we've found these units have the least amount of issues and last the longest. In our opinion, the Whirlpool top lint filter dryer is one of the best designs ever manufactured. On top of that, the top lint filter dryer has been the most manufactured dryer in the US. We are also fans of Maytag dryers as they are pretty basic but offer long lasting performance. 

Rebuilt Refrigerators. 

Refrigerators are one of the few things that as time goes by, they don't get better. New refrigerators, although pretty and have nice features, have been lasting less and less since the 90's. Brand new refrigerators built after 2020 have a new type of refrigerant in them called R-600a. This refrigerant, also known as iso-butane, is highly flammable, which makes doing refrigeration repairs that much more complicated and dangerous. Older refrigerators use a non-flammable refrigerant that we can easily and safely replace compressors, evaporators and other sealed system parts on. When it comes to buying a used refrigerator, used might actually be the best option if it's been checked, refurbished and warrantied. 

1 Year Warranty On All Rebuilt Appliances*. 

We rebuild our appliances to the original manufacturers specifications. 
Our appliances are cleaned and detailed so they look like new.

Items listed are a representation of what we have in stock. Some Items may not be available when you go to purchase them, but usually will be restocked in a few weeks.

At Sargents Maytag, we sell the best appliances available. We hand select all our units, rebuild them to original specifications and clean them so they look brand new. Sargent's Maytag seeks out these quality designs and rebuilds them for our customers so they can have a long lasting machine, at a great price.

Sargents Maytag has been selling used appliances since we opened the doors, and we've been perfecting the technique ever since. Sargent's picks certain appliances that are known to have long lasting, quality performance, and rebuilds them with OEM parts to ensure you get a nice usable lifespan. We pick refrigerators made in the Amana Iowa refrigeration plant because it is one of the best plants in the world for manufacturing refrigerators. For most of our larger capacity washers, we choose Whirlpool made, direct drives, because it is one of the best designs to ever be made. For our more commercial quality used washers, we choose Maytag dependable cares manufactured in Newton Iowa because they are the more simple, but robust designs to ever grace a consumers house. Have you ever seen "That 70's Show"? They have green Maytag dependable care washers in the basement.

*Warranty on defects in our workmanship only. Abuse of product voids warranty. 
Warranty covers parts and labor when applicable. 
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