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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of an Appliance Repair Technician

Ever wondered what goes on in the life of an appliance repair technician? These unsung

heroes play a crucial role in keeping our homes running smoothly by repairing our

clothes washers, refrigerators, and more. In this blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes and

provide insight into the demanding yet rewarding world of appliance repair technicians.

The Daily Hustle: On any given day, an appliance technician can expect to tackle

between 6 to 12 service calls, depending on the company they work for. But what does

What does this mean? It means juggling a hectic schedule, racing against time to diagnose and

repair appliances to keep their set schedule, all while keeping customers satisfied and

their appliances operating. Without these important parts of our society, our food would

spoil, our clothes would be dirty and our sinks would be overrun with dishes.

The Art of Routing: The day begins with the careful routing of service calls.

Technicians typically group appointments in the same geographical area to maximize

efficiency. This way, they can minimize travel time and serve more customers in a day.

In a large city, taking into consideration the traffic and school zones can mean the

difference between the tech arriving on time or showing up hours late. In a town like

where we are from, a trip from one zip code to another zip code could take an hour.

Appointment schedulers hold the keys to a great day for an appliance tech, so it’s always

good that the office staff and technicians have a friendly relationship.

The Waiting Game: For homeowners awaiting a technician’s arrival, being available all

day or for a 4-hour window can be challenging, but being aware of the challenges a tech

faces getting to you is something you have to be aware of. Our technicians want to do

your job because that means they have more money in their pocket, so if they are going

to be a little late please work with them. In the case of our company, we do a call ahead to

make sure that someone is home. If we don’t hear from you or once a tech leaves your

area, we will most likely have to move on to the next job. This can lead to rescheduling

which we understand can be inconvenient, but technicians have commitments too and

I need to make it home at a decent time.

Preparing for the Unknown: A skilled technician doesn’t simply show up and tinker

with your appliance, although bad technicians will do that. They often do their homework

beforehand, studying wiring schematics and disassembly manuals to get a head start on

the diagnosis. Sometimes, they even carry potential replacement parts, although keeping

an extensive stock is no easy task due to ever-changing designs and part numbers. With

time, a tech can look at a model number or an appliance and give an educated guess as to

what is wrong with it. When I was a younger man doing tech work in my early 20s, I

would be able to pre-diagnose quite a bit of machines. I would walk in with a handful of

tools and a part and get the appliance running before the customer could sit down in the

living room.

The Waiting Game Continues: If a part needs to be ordered, the technician documents

their findings and locates the necessary components. Most repair organizations use

reputable appliance parts distributors that offer OEM parts and a warranty. Sometimes

though, parts are backordered or unavailable for the time being. A lot of companies will

not use sellers like Amazon and Ebay to locate parts. If your part has no eta from the

normal sources, it may be on you to try and locate the part. Just make sure the company

will install the part from a 3rd party. If it seems to be taking too long, don’t fret. Rest

assured, technicians are just as eager to finish the job quickly as you are, as it ensures

they get paid promptly.

The Midday Break: Many technicians take a well-deserved lunch break during the day.

Some take a nap, some eat a quick lunch, and some work out on their lunch break.

However, some techs, due to a packed schedule, might have to skip or shorten their

breaks. The workload can be demanding, and these professionals often find themselves

racing against time. It’s all part of the job and this is why it’s important to have your

ducks in a row before you set out on your day.

Appliance Techs Are Unseen Experts: Appliance repair technicians often get a bad rap,

with some assuming that their job is easy. In reality, a GOOD appliance tech is one of the

most capable repair persons in any industry. They can diagnose electrical issues with

precision, repair complex electronic control boards at the component level like a capacitor or

relay, read intricate wiring schematics, and handle major tasks like replacing

transmissions. Most are also skilled in soldering and capable of HVAC work, making sure

they are versatile professionals.

Specializations: In many repair organizations, technicians are specialized. Some handle

all types of repairs, from control boards to transmissions, while others focus solely on

sealed system repairs, dealing with compressors and evaporators. Every week, they might

find themselves tackling various types of jobs, from complex repairs in the morning to

more straightforward fixes in the afternoon. If you need a specific kind of tech,

make sure to ask the company if they have a tech that is a pro in that kind of repair. If you

need a new r-600a refrigerant tech, make sure you ask if they do that so you get the best

tech for your job.

The next time you encounter an appliance repair technician, remember the demanding

and varied work they do behind the scenes. Sometimes they may come off as gruff or

rude, but that may be because they are hyper-focused on getting your appliance up and

operating in the most efficient way possible. Their expertise extends far beyond just

fixing appliances; they’re the unsung heroes keeping our homes running smoothly,

solving problems you might not even know you had. So, the next time your technician

arrives, show some appreciation for the hard work they do to make your life easier.


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