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     Question: Are you buying a new washer or dryer every few years? Sargents has Speed Queen, the most robust washer and dryer available for pickup or delivery. 

Speed Queen is made right here in the USA by the great people of Wisconsin. They have been manufacturing the best washers and dryers available for both the home and the laundromat since 1908. In 2018, the Department of Energy changed regulations that made it to where all washing machines needed to be energy efficient. With this change, Speed Queen had to change from their "classic" design that had been around forever, to the new HE design. This new design, indicated by a model starting with TR, does not have the same agitation or quality that the classic model had, and a completely different drive system including no transmission. When this change happened, Sargents received one of the 1st TR models, took it apart and put it to the test. That test FAILED. We decided not to sell these TR models, and instead brought in the Huebsch. The Huebsch is the same build as the Speed Queen coin op and the classic versions. When 2019 rolled around, Speed Queen decided that the TR models weren't the best and decided to bring back the older version, that they correctly called the "classic". This new TC model is exactly what we were looking for, and exactly what our customers deserved. 

No matter what model you buy at Sargents, rest assured that you purchased the right model.