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Refrigerator Repair.

It's not cool for your refrigerator to be hot. Chill... We'll get it cooled down. 
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Refrigerators are truly a marvel of modern ingenuity. Before we could keep our food cool, we had to preserve our food, and we all know most preserved food doesn’t taste as good as fresh food. If you add in the chance of contracting a food born illness, refrigeration has really brought us into the 21st century.

With that being said, refrigerators are a touchy and complicated piece of machinery. There are several different systems that work together to make the whole thing operate. There is of course the sealed system. This is what actually makes the “cool”, or removes the heat if you’re an HVAC tech. This system is filled with refrigerant and has several different components, including the compressor. You also have the air systems. This is comprised of fans to move the air around and create dual zones for your frozen and fresh foods. Another system is the wiring and electrical components. This would be your control boards, temperature sensors and defrosting components. If any part of this network stops working, your refrigerator will stop working and you will be out money and food.

Sargents Maytag is a local company that has employees that know what it’s like to have a not working refrigerator. In 2022, our bosses refrigerator went down and needed a compressor. He didn’t have an extra refrigerator in the garage and needed a loaner while he waited. We were able to get a loaner out to him and get his refrigerator up and running in a reasonable amount of time. You would probably think that we gave him preferential treatment because he was “the boss”. In reality, we treat all of our clients this way. When it comes to customer service, we try to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are taken care of.

We’ve been in business almost 50 years and it takes a lot to make sure you stay relevant and have a good reputation in that amount of time. Our “secret sauce” is that we try not to change much or too quickly. Something I see often is when a company tries to expand quickly and they end up having sub-par customer service at new locations or even in their original, flagship location. We move slowly when it comes to change. The only thing we really adjust fast too is technology changes. Because we are factory trained, we get all the new updates when it comes to refrigerators. They recently changed the refrigerant in household refers to an iso-butane refrigerant. This gas, as told by its name, is flammable. In order to do a sealed system repair with flammable gas, you need to be educated and well trained, which we are.  


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Ice Maker & Water Dispenser.

All though there are bigger issues to have with a refrigerator, not having ice if you have an ice maker is one of the more irritating problems. If you are experiencing this problem, call us out. We can diagnose the issue and figure out if it's the water valve or the actual ice module.

Leaking Water.

There's nothing worse than going to get water from your refer at night and stepping in cold water that has come out from your refrigerator. There are several reasons why this could be happening. The most common is that your defrost drain that takes water from the defrosting cycle and puts its under the unit to evaporate, is clogged and sending water out the bottom. It seems complicated, but that's not an issue for us.

Compressor Replacements. 

Compressor jobs and other sealed system repairs are a very complicated job. You need fire, toxic gases and a lot of equipment. Sargent's general manager and a few of the techs have been to HVAC school and are really educated in dealing with refrigerant. If you are in need of a new compressor, evaporator from a refrigerant leak, condenser or anything else that has gas flowing through it, hire the right people the first time. 

Too Hot.

As I explained up above, if any of the systems that run your refrigerator stop working as intended, your unit will warm up. All though it seems catastrophic, we can almost always diagnose what is wrong with it. Hopefully, it's something not major and we have the part with us. If not, we are here to get it repaired as fast as possible. Whether it's electrical or mechanical, Sargent's can diagnose the issue. 

Start Relays.

More times than not, when a company with less than perfect techs diagnoses a refrigerator with a bad compressor, we actually find that it's the start relay. The relay is a device that starts the compressor and when it's bad, it appears as though the compressor is bad. It only takes an extra minute to do 1 more test to determine between the 2, but some techs are in a hurry and need to get to their next job. Rest assured, that's not Sargent's.