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Range & Oven Repair.

It's rude to call someone late for dinner. It's even worse to call and tell them not to come because the oven broke. 
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For some of us, if the oven goes down it’s not a big deal because that’s an excuse to bust out the BBQ. However, in the winter or for the people the don’t like to grill, that’s just not an option. If your range isn’t working that means higher food costs because you have to go out to eat, and probably a larger waistline, too. Making sure your unit is working right is very important.

     Sargent’s understands this and has service techs ready to repair almost anything you can throw at them. Our techs are factory trained and real world tested. We may not like it, but we have seen our fair share of everything from mouse invested storage drawers, to grease fires inside the cooktop. We’re trained and ready to get you up and going, or at least informed as to why your old machine shouldn’t be repaired. We carry parts on our trucks for common or basic repairs. If we don’t have the part in-stock, we use 3 large part distributors so we can try our best to source the right part for you.

     With how many different brands there are and how many servicers in town we have it’s hard to determine which company to go with. Sargent’s has been in business since 1974 and has the reputation you’ve been looking for. We repair all major brands and most brands in general. We know what is needed to get an appliance repaired and we have the tools to do it right, the first time.

     If you’re experiencing a problem with no heat, the burners not working, smoke or burning smells, a dead control or any other issue, call us today and we will dispatch a technician to your house to get you fixed up.


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Broken Door.

Whether the inner glass or decorative outer glass is broken, this is never a good thing. The glass helps keep the heat from penetrating through the door and into your kitchen and burning you or someone in your house. If you just cooked, don't try and clean the inner or outer glass as you could cause it to crack. If you spill something on the inside of the door, try using a metal scraper razor. It works the best and you won't hurt yourself or the glass. 

Heating Elements.

The heating element is what gets red hot and heats the inside of the oven. When these malfunction, usually you don't get any heat. If you're getting some heat, there may be another issue. If there's no heat, a new element is usually where we look first. If there is a burn mark or any type of break, that is a clear indicator that it's bad. If you ever see it starting to spark, fizzle or burn up, turn the breaker off immediately so you don't do more damage.  

Door Hinges.

Door hinges keep your oven door closed tight so you don't lose heat outside of the door and more importantly, not allowing steam up inside the control panel, which could cause it to fail. If it seems like your door isn't closing all the way, you're going to want to get it repaired. Your food will cook more evenly and you won't be using as much electricity because it's working more efficiently. 

Coil Surface Burners.

These coil burners are the old fashioned cooktop design that is still in use today. These burners are tried and tested and work really well. But sometimes they stop working. If that happens, there is a few things we can check to get you up and running again. Besides the actually coil, there is a plug or receptacle that they plug into. More times than not, that plug breaks or malfunctions, making for a quick and easy repair. 

Electronic Controls and Panels.

Electronics make the world goa around. That's especially true in the appliance world. The control board heats your oven, turns on the fans, allows you to choose cycles and almost every other function on the unit, besides maybe the oven light. If the board goes bad, it could spell disaster if you're planning on holding a nice meal at your house. Luckily, we can repair many different control boards instead of replacing it. 


Ignitors are found on gas appliances as a way to ignite the gas so it can produce heat. Without the ignitors, there is just raw gas filling your appliance and eventually your house, not good. There are 2 different types of ignitor, spark and hot surface. Spark are the ones that tick at you and the hot surface ignitors glow red hot, both producing enough heat to combust the gas.

Brands We Service.

We service most major brands including: Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, GE, Hot Point, Kenmore, Jenn Air, Amana, Kitchenaid, Whirlpool and Maytag.
Don't see your specific brand? Call us with a model number & we'll let you know if we service it.



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