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Dryer Repair.

Clothes dryer giving you the cold shoulder? We can get it to act right. 
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Is your dryer acting up and not working correctly? We repair gas and electric units with any type of problem; besides clogged vents, we leave that to the vent pro’s. Our technicians have repaired hundreds, if not thousands of dryers and have seen everything from a squirrel in the blower, to a fire. There’s not too many things we haven’t been exposed to.

     We carry heaters, fuses, rollers, belts and more in our truck and we utilize 3 large part distributors to get our parts if we don’t have it in stock. No matter what, we will try our best to have a part, or get a part as fast as possible to minimize the amount of down time you have with your dryer. We know how important it is to have working laundry machines, because we are humans that use them too. We are a local company that does business the old fashioned way, and that is to make sure our clients are getting the proper care. Even though a dryer is pretty basic and “simple”, we want to make sure that everything is correct and working the way as intended.

     With dryers being so “simple” to operate, a lot of people think they are capable of repairing their unit. When in all reality, dryers are very electrically complicated. There’s high voltage running through the machine as well as a fire hazard, Due to this, there are several safety’s that keep you and your home safe. Make sure you hire someone knowledgeable so you don’t end up with a bigger problem then you had before.

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The motor is what turns the drum so your clothes can rotate, spin around and get dry. Without the motor, the machine won't work, or heat. A tell tale sign of a bad motor is a grinding sound, followed by no noise and an electrical smell. 

Rollers & Idlers

The rollers are what help keep the drum spinning true and quiet. When one of these bearings goes bad, it makes a loud ruckus and can sometimes sound like there is a shoe in the dryer. The tensioner is what keeps the belt tight as it spins around.  


The belt is the link from the motor to the drum. Without the belt, the motor will turn but the drum won't. Sometimes the belt just gets old and snaps, sometimes someone turns the drum by hand and it kicks the belt off. Either way, we got you. 

Heaters & Heating Coils

The heater is the part of the machine that gets the most voltage and makes the actual heat that your dryer uses. Without this, you can dry, but it will take several hours and your clothes will be crunchy. The heater is also known as a heating coil by some folks , and that ok, we don't judge. Heaters can go bad for a bunch of reasons, the main is a clogged vent so it begins over heating. 

Gas Coils.

Gas coils are an electo-magnet that opens a valve that allows gas to flow through the machine to become ignited for heat. These coils do go bad with the main symptom being no heat or no heat after it has been heating for a while.   

Hot Surface Ignitors. 

The ignitor is a carbon made piece that glows red hot to ignite gas. This device is very delicate and can break overtime, if the dryer gets dropped, or even if you touch it with your bare hands. These ignitors are fairly inexpensive, but you have to make sure that is what is wrong. 



Brands We Service.

We service most major brands including: Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, GE, Hot Point, Kenmore, Jenn Air, Amana, Kitchenaid, Whirlpool and Maytag.
Don't see your specific brand? Call us with a model number & we'll let you know if we service it.



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