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Dishwasher Repair

We have a dirty secret... We don't like it when your dishes are dirty.
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In my opinion, and that may be because I have kids, the dishwasher is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the house. If it were to go down, it would cause pandemonium in my household. With that being said, we abuse our dishwasher. We prewash our dishes, sure, but they aren’t clean by any stretch of the imagination. Granted, we purchased a Kitchenaid which a pretty durable machine I’m surprised it’s still operating.

     If you’re anything like me, you want to make sure your dishwasher is in top running order. If you’re experiencing any issues with you unit, Sargent’s is here to make sure your dishes are sparkly clean and ready to go for the next load.

     With it being so small, you would expect your washer to not have many things to go wrong with it. In reality, there are many safeties, moving parts and devices that make up your machine. Because it fills with water and has a heater that dries, there is the need for devices that make sure your house doesn’t flood or your dishwasher doesn’t catch on fire. Unfortunately, these safety controls do go bad. Not to mention the possibility for your wash motor to go bad so your dishes are dirty, the water pump to fail and make your dishwasher not drain or the heater to blow making your dishes not dry. There are many systems that make up this very important machine.

     To make things worse, there are several manufacturers that all have their own design. If you’re having a problem, make sure you hire a reputable service tech that knows how to fix it. Misdiagnosing appliances is unfortunately very common in our industry, causing Americans to spend thousands of dollars on new products they didn’t need. If you find yourself in need of a repair on your dishwasher, make sure you’re going with a tech that’s been in the field, and doesn’t have recurring themed bad reviews. If you find a company is having the same complaint about not returning phone calls, or extreme wait times on parts that you find available, listen to your voice of reason and try out another company.

     Sargent’s has been in business since 1974 and has repaired appliances the entire time. Things have changed but we still maintain our old time roots to this day. Our owner is a service tech who strives to give excellent customer service through his knowledgeable service team and office staff.


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Leaking Water.

Leaking water could cost tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills. There are several places water can leak from your dishwasher, but the most important one is the fill line. If this were to leak, you would have gallons of water in the matter of minutes. If you're experiencing a leak, go under your sink and turn the hot water valve off that goes to your dishwasher. After that, check the supply line or call Sargent's. 

Not Draining.

Not draining is a terrible issue because there's dirty water sitting around inside your unit. If your dishwasher isn't draining, believe it or not it could be your garbage disposal. If you just had your disposer replaced, they may not have removed the plug that the dishwasher hooks up to. If that's not it, your drain pump would be the next suspect as it is the part that actually removes water from your washer. 

Not Starting, Acting Strange.

In today's world, electronic boards are something we have to deal with. Unfortunately, it runs almost every function in the unit, from the motor to the heater. To make matters worse, there is constant steam and condensation that can get inside the control board area. If you're having an issue with your dishwasher not starting, being completely dead or any of the cycles not operating as they should, we could be having an issue with the control.