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Reno Sparks Dishwasher Repair
A broken dishwasher can quickly cause a major issue for your family. From flooding your kitchen, to not washing your dishes, a broken dishwasher is no fun. 

At Sargents Maytag we have dishwashers too, so we understand not wanting to hand wash your dishes. This is why we have factory trained technicians ready to repair your appliances.   
"Great Service, will use them again. When I scheduled the appointment, they provided the ​name of tech who would arrive the next day. Sal called the ​next day to let us know when to expect him. He came out to replace missing screws that secure the baffles inside dryer drum. He completed this quickly-about 10 mins-then asked if I would like him to check over the rest of dryer components so I could get the most for his time on the ​service call. He did other preventative maintenance and replaced dry-rotted drive belt. The dryer runs much quieter. Great Job!"
                                           -Tina S. Reno NV
"Absolutely the best service EVER!!! The guys are very knowledgeable and friendly!!! I will never go anywhere else for my appliance needs!! Thank you so much to the Sargent's Maytag Home Appliance Center crew!!! You are all AWESOME :) :)"                                                             -Vicki A. Sparks NV
"Well finally!!! This is a great place to do business. They are polite and helpful honest and prompt. After a rather disappointing experience with another company, and spending nearly $200 and getting nothing for it except talked to like I am stupid I decided to cut my losses and try Sargent's I'm thrilled. So happy to have found this place. I'm now doing laundry with my new 2 me washing machine. With a full year warranty! Life is good and so is Sargent's."                                                                                               -Gayle B. Reno NV
Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED!!!!
Don't be left with a broken dishwasher
   Dishwasher Repair
Dishwashers are one of those things that you don't really miss, until your arms deep in soapy, dirty water. There are few humans left that love washing dishes by hand, so don't allow those dishes to pile up when the dishwasher breaks. If you are having any of the following issues, or think your dishwasher needs a tune up, give us a call. 

       Not drying                                                       Over drying                                                    Not washing your dishes

       Leaving spots on your dishes                         Loud during operation                                    No water entering 

           Rack broken                                                    Rack adjuster not adjusting                            Not starting
Our technicians will tell you like it is. If we think it's best to repair your unit and do a tuneup at the same time, we'll tell you. If we think your appliance is broken beyond repair, and you need a new one, you can bet that we'll let you know.

We believe that you should based on the job needed, and not any more. A lot of companies use a "book" to base their prices so they can maximize profits. At Sargents Maytag, we charge by the hour and by our parts cost, this way it's fair for everyone.  
All of our techs are trained to handle any appliance that we sell. Our technicians attend factory training as well as some college courses to make sure that they are ready to handle any mechanical or electrical problem that may show up.   
In a mechanical world, things happen. Sometimes we repair an appliance and it fails a few months later. Don't fret! We have a 1 year warranty on all parts and a 90 day warranty on our labor. We have you covered. 
In a day where you aren't sure who to trust, you can believe in Sargents Maytag. All of our employees go on a code that honesty is always best. If we screwed up, we will admit it and work hard to try and rectify the situation. If you buy something from us, guaranteed we told you the truth about the product we're discussing. We believe it's best to know up front, than to find out later.